Monday, March 10, 2008

The Sexy Frame Has Been Ordered!!

So this is what I ordered - just the frame. I'm going to be building it myself. The frame is a white 2008 Crossbow! The company I ordered it from was out of the 2007 white I paid a little more to get the white 2008 model. They had to then order it from Belgium. It's been almost 4 I should have only about 4 more weeks to wait!!


tupid said...

From Belgium? Why didn't you come over to pick it up yourself then ;)
It's exciting to wait for fun things to arrive, but it shouldn't be too long. Hope you get your new gear soon.

(I just kind of discovered your blog here)

Cyclo-Konijn said...

Heya! If you only knew how I would love to be there to pick it up!! It should arrive today....TODAY!!

So glad to see you stopped by! :)